2023 Usssa Slowpitch Softball Rules 2023 Usssa Slowpitch Softball Rules%(˜˘ #˜ ,˝!ˆ ˇ˝˘˜ The Fastpitch Field Diagram Base and Pitching Measurement – 60’ bases 15 ˇ E (O R ˆ ˘ - 20). Does anyone have a link to the new rule book with the new effective changes? I googled it but it's just showing the 2022 rule book. Men’s C / Women’s C & D World Tournaments (2023). Regular USA Softball rules will be followed except for any league rules stated here. Changes to the 2023 Edition USSSA/GSL Playing Rules. Nov 11 2023 11-11-23 USSSA Salute to the Veterans (Orangeburg) Age Group & Fee: 8U - FREE / 10U-18U - $99 Location: Orangeburg, SC Contact: John Hayes Tournament Details. Pete Muller/iStock/Getty Images. It turns out more for softball than any other. GAME RULES: All playing rules and regulations for the tournament will be governed by the current edition of the ASA Official Guide and Rule Book with the following clarifications and exceptions: A. The weather was perfect with a slight breeze blowing out on fields #6 and. As a participant in a Senior Softball-USA / Senior Softball World Championships tournament, including Qualifiers and International Tours, I agree to conduct myself as a gentleman or lady both on and off the field, and that when playing I will: Article 1: Abide by the current “Official Senior Softball Guide and Playing Rules” to the best of. The World tournament will be held at BLD (Big League Dreams) 3151 East Washington Ave. Have the new permanent(2) USSSA Mark on its taper OR; Be a Qualified BBCOR bat(1) OR; Be a Wood Bat; ALL of the above must be manufactured by an approved USSSA Bat Licensee; This applies to ALL Big Barrel Bats, including Coach Pitch bats. The official rules of the USSSA Slowpitch Softball are used for this level unless there are specific rules outlined by BAA / South Metro pertaining to this . Memorial Day 7GG Ring Showdown. The United States Specialty Sports Association states that only 240 Stamped Bats will be allowed for tournament play. Slow Pitch 2-Pack Diamond $349. REGISTRATION MUST BE DONE BEFORE YOU PLAY YOUR FIRST EVENT. For any questions regarding Stay to Play or travel to the Space Coast Complex, please email: usssatravel@usssa. 1 (p 29) The rule governing lineups has been modified to permit ROSTER BATTING as an option in Non-Elite Select play 5. USSSA Fast Pitch tournaments are fun, competitive events at family …. The 2023 Slugger Daniel Sanchez 2. The Women’s Major World Series Championship game will take place at 10:40am. 3Scoring line shall be in line with the first base line and shall begin 6 inches from outside edge of home plate towards back stop. Maybe having a nationwide softball system just isn't feasible anymore. All players must be on the roster prior to the start of the tournament, under no circumstances will teams be allowed to pick up players at the tournament. 5 and eyeglasses must be sports type or worn. 99,248 likes · 9,055 talking about this. 520 or under, and a Ball Compression of 300. USSSA Is Now an Official Sponsor of The Miracle League’s 2023 All-Star Weekend, November 3-5 in Palm Beach County In addition to sponsoring All-Star Weekend, USSSA will host Miracle League Night in August during a professional women’s fastpitch softball game at the …. The League of Legends – SEL is a USSSA Fast Pitch event in Sellersville, PA and will be held from 09/23/2023 to 09/24/2023. Downloads ; Adult Softball ; Softball Lineup Sheet ; TKP - Modified Adult Softball Rules - August 2023 ; USSSA Slowpitch Softball Rules 2023 . Rule #2 All-Star teams must be chosen from a drafted league program which has at least 2 teams in the age division in which the All-Star team is chosen from. Your home for all USSSA Fastpitch events in the Kansas City Metro Area! Events. 8/5: DeMarini 2022 Steel Slowpitch Softball Bat: Check Price: 4. My understanding was that the 2014 stamp was going to be grandfathered in forever. Women’s Conference USSSA Standings – Conference USSSA. 3X POINTS NORTH GEORGIA FALL STATE TOURNAMENT. I'm guessing it will show up once USSSA completes their website redesign. Slow pitch expert, Hobbs, breaks down the 2013 USSSA & NSA Bat Standards in slow pitch softball. Not sure if it matters but the ball hit the runner on the fou. 2023 Gold Medalist – Men’s; 2022 Gold Medalist – …. slow pitch rules will be enforced unless exceptions are noted: 1. Exposed jewelry – See USSSA Rule 2. The World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC) released today the 2022-2025 Official Rules of Slow Pitch Softball, the updated set of rules that will govern the game for the upcoming four years. The USSSA 2024 SWVA SEASON OPENER is a USSSA Fast Pitch event in Lexington/Buena Vista, VA and will be held from 08/05/2023 …. by daleweiser on October 28, 2023. The bats are required to pass the new bat testing standard of 240 lbs for the games. Rules; Insurance; Events; Twin Peaks Men’s and Women’s Softball …. com online softball forum! Here you can discuss everything from softball associations to softball manufacturers. rebranded as USA Softball (2017). Men's, Women's, and Co-Rec Slow Pitch Softball Rules Current A. Official Slow Pitch Softball Rules Adopted, Published and Distributed by USSSA LLC 5800 Stadium Parkway, Viera, FL 32940 Telephone 800-741-3014 Fax 321-877-0607 USSSA’s online Slow Pitch Rule Book is located at www. Softball Field Dimensions Guide for All Leagues. Twin Peaks Men’s and Women’s Softball Tournament (2023). Home; About USSSA Challenge Cup; Men's. each other) Winning Pct – Descending [Not valid if all tied teams have …. Umpires Receive the Following Annually: * 2023 Rulebook * Umpire Gift * The opportunity to apply for a travel scholarship for up to …. If you are interested in being an Umpire, please contact Alexa Peterson, Oregon USSSA State Director at alexa. Bring home our best-selling Boost sneakers for a whole lot less. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 2, 2023 USSSA Slowpitch Expands Into Europe Through New Partnership With 360 Softball USSSA-sanctioned leagues and tournaments are set to start in European countries in 2024, giving the softball community opportunities to play slowpitch across Europe …. Boys' rules move the pitching rubber back to 40 feet for their 11- and 12-year-old seasons before moving to 45 feet. The umpire will declare the infield fly rule and the batter is immediately out. 9 after three days of intense slow-pitch softball. Softball is not really meant to be played on turf. 2023 Spring I Season - Deadline is Saturday, February 18th. The Conference teams earn points based upon their finishing position in each of the 25 regular season tournaments. 23 "Group" has the meaning set out in Section 474(1) of the Act save that it shall. Use the tools below to find a list of directors. We provide high caliber amateur sporting events for adults where the participants and. This year, along with the new name, brings new opportunities to participate as West Virginia and Pennsylvania are part of the State Games! This year’s event will be held on Saturday, August 5, 2023, in Ashburn, VA, and our venues include. Conference Standings – Conference USSSA. Season officially starts in two weeks with Challenge Cup. USSSA Slowpitch Softball Bats – Diamond Sport Gear. 6 runs per half inning for 6u and 8u. For theme park tickets, call 321-877-0615. Softball has not delved into video review, but is a sport that has seen increased coverage, fan interest and technological advancements. The Delta Nights *All-Nighter is a USSSA Slowpitch USSSA /GSL event in Delta, UT and will be held from 06/23/2023 to 06/25/2023. Easton Ghost Unlimited -10 Fastpitch Softball Bat: FP23GHUL10 $499. To be honest, I am not sure if that makes any difference at all. " Rule # 3, Foul Tip (page 26) USSSA Rules Text: A foul tip is a batted ball, which goes directly and speedily from the bat to the catcher’s mitt or hand and is legally caught by the catcher, ball remains live. Rules; Insurance; Events; 2023 USSSA Winter Worlds – Week 2; EVENT DETAILS 2023 USSSA Winter Worlds – Week 2. The exact formula with not be disclosed in fear of a competitors. USA Softball of Michigan Commissioner & Executive Director. The Men’s C / Women’s C & D World Tournaments is a USSSA Slowpitch USSSA /GSL event in Viera, FL and will be held from 10/12/2023 …. All participants must have signed the COVID-19 waiver. 2022 Dudley Doom 12" Balanced USSSA Slowpitch Softball Bat: D2SPU2B2. USA Softball South Dakota Hall of Fame Banquet and Hotel Reservation Information 2023-10-13. The USSSA Challenge Cup – Mens D & E is a USSSA Slowpitch USSSA /GSL event in Viera, FL and will be held from 01/19/2023 to 01/22/2023. Playing the game of softball, the player(s) participating in the game of. 01 – Playing Field & Equipment 5. We are excited to have you play with us as we embark on a new and exciting season full of change and growth. The 2024 Space Coast World Series is a USSSA Fast Pitch event in Melbourne, Florida and will be held from 06/23/2024 to 06/28/2024. The USSSA Men’s AA World Tournament is a USSSA Slowpitch USSSA /GSL event in Viera, FL and will be held from 10/08/2023 to 10/09/2023 2023 Conference Information; Hit & Sit Show; This Week in Softball Show; Facebook page USSSA-Slowpitch; YouTube; Standings/Schedule. 4 Changes to the 2020 Edition USSSA/GSL Playing Rules 2020 RULE CHANGES RULE l PLAYING FIELD Sec. I think USSSA is having some serious internal problems, and the pathetic conference schedule next year shows that. Please contact your State director for details or any other state specific requirements needed. It features a unique one-piece composite design that will provide comfort alongside power. USSSA - United States Specialty Sports Association (Homepage). In order to validate a berth all teams are required to play in their USSSA State Championship. Download the pdf file and get ready for the next season of senior softball. The pitcher can step back with non-pivot foot . Maybe doing so will convince other manufacturers to make a better/more durable product. If the batter ENTERS the batters box with an illegal bat, or has completed. Slow Pitch World Tournament Women’s A/B and Men’s B ». Sunday evening league will be 10 weeks of play (1 game per night). The Gimme Some More Softball is a USSSA Fast Pitch event in Kenedy, TX and will be held from 02/25/2023 to 02/26/2023. Specific rules for each of these pitching styles are outlined in the ASA softball rule book, which is released annually. With its Charged Carbon-Plus construction, Tri-Flex Blastwall Barrel, and Vibration Canceling System, this bat is designed to give you the best …. RULES INFORMATION CLICK HERE FOR 2023-24 USSSA BASEBALL RULES. All play will be played by USSSA rules, with the following exclusions: Home team will be the official scorekeeper in all tournament games. Approved for USSSA, NSA, and ISA. In total, USSSA sanctions teams and individuals in 38 different sports. Team 24 pulled out a one run win to take the Women’s Major World Series in a game that many are saying was the greatest finals game in Women’s Major history!. Municipal Athletics offers slowpitch softball leagues for men, women and co-rec teams, as well as fastpitch softball leagues for men. Divisions: 18+ Tournament page link: Coming Soon! Tickets: Coming soon! Housing: Coming soon more housing information from USSSA Travel! USSSA Space Coast Complex Polices: Read Here. The ball’s compression -- the pressure required to compress the ball one-quarter inch -- cannot exceed 375 pounds. We have the best slowpitch softball bats online. Pitching info: All Pitchers must wear protective Mask. Central Virginia USSSA Slowpitch Softball. VIERA, FL (October 30, 2019) — The current approved 1. 20 USSSA stamped slowpitch softball. Slow Pitch 2-Pack Platinum $299. Easily view & navigate to event …. E - 1, excessive is Inning Ending Out. COED SLOWPITCH LEAGUE RULES AND REGULATIONS 1. USSSA Slowpitch Challenge Cup – USSSA Space Coast Complex. For any other information not previously listed, please contact: info@usssa. Then starting Friday night and ending Sunday the same 30 teams will play another double elimination tournament. FALL CLASSIC SOFTBALL-SLOWPITCH 2023. Try The New Fastpitch Softball Pitching Rules: Everything You Need to Know. Home; CheapBats Store; will create a high demand for old stamped bats with a 220 compression until the 220 compression bats are phased out in 2023. When USA Softball entered the picture in 1933, the sport was in a state of confusion with no unified set of playing rules and no National Governing Body to provide guidance and stability. Whether you roll over or hit a lazy fly ball to the outfield, weak contact in slow pitch is soul-crushing. Changes to the 2023 Edition USSSA/GSL Playing Rules 2023 RULE CHANGES RULE 1 PLAYING FIELD Sec 3. 2021 Adult League Softball Slow-Pitch Rules and Regulations USSSA League Rules Will Supersede All USSSA Sanctioned Rules Washington USSSA State Office Location: PO Box 4897, Federal Way, WA 98063 Office Hours: 10:00am-4:00pm Monday-Thursday (may vary) Phone: 206. USSSA World Slowpitch Tournaments. DeMarini 2023 Juggy Slowpitch Softball Bat - 34: Check Price: 5/5: DeMarini 2023 Mercy Slowpitch Softball Bat - 34” Check Price: 5/5: 2023 DeMarini Nihilist USA Slowpitch Bat: Check Price: 4. 5 page 8: Further, the following batter’s box guidelines will be used:. In this case, home team bats first in open inning. Pitching is classified into one of four categories: fast pitch, modified pitch, slow pitch and 16-inch slow pitch. Get up to 50% off fleece and save on stocking stuffers. any player not using a senior BPF bat must use the new NTS stamped bats starting June 1, 2023. East Coast Events operates high quality USSSA tournaments and events in Fastpitch Softball and Baseball in Delaware, Maryland, Central Pennsylvania, and Western Pennsylvania. Any Slowpitch Softball Bats with the NEW stamp shown on the right are …. 5 Worth Krecher XL End-Loaded USA/ASA Slowpitch Softball Bat; 1. 2023 USSSA Senior Softball Rules. 2023 USSSA MENS B/C UTAH STATE Softball Tournament. Watch these two teams face off in hopes of clenching the winter season's ultimate championship title 🏆 # PlayUSSSA # ChallengeCup https://bit. In the past 11 years this tournament has not been won by a non major team on the men’s side. For all with an existing Player Account, this is done by logging into your Player Account. Duplicate numbers, alphabetical letters and/or roman numerals are not allowed. Wild pitch, stolen base, passed balls, runners that are out all stand. USSSA Men’s AA World Tournament (2023). Other Criteria for Legal USSSA Bats. USSSA Slowpitch Softball Rules 2023 is ending the exemption on 2012 stamped bats. came to a close the evening of Oct. 0 is built on Sluggers most popular platform, the Genesis. This is your home to ALL the action. Want to learn the essentials of Slowpitch pitching? Look no further! The guys talk with Jamie about what he has learned in his 15 years of pitching. 2023 Worth SuperCell EST 15" Endloaded All Association Slowpitch Softball Bat: WSCRED. The USSSA Border Battle 2023 is a USSSA Slowpitch USSSA /GSL event in Portland, OR and will be held from 05/26/2023 to 05/29/2023. 0 Playing Field -(see diagram) 3. Page | 1 August 2023 (858) 571-9919; FAX: (858) 571-1641 E-mail : 4. NOTE: Senior bat rules are specified in Specialty Division. Pool Play will be determined by the Usssa site Bracket Placement. Career stats can now be tracked. What to expect with these changes:. USSSA’s On-Line Fastpitch Rule Book is located at: www. The homerun limit in the Major Gold Division - The homerun limit will be six (6). Schedule, Bracket & Results) Stature. USSSA is a governing body for 13 sports, with unmatched people and infrastructure. GSL World Tournament – East (2023). The Table of Contents, where Rules are found, and the Index, a keyword and. For BLD Senior League rules please visit your local BLD Pro Shop to inquire. All teams will be required to pay $13 per game at the plate to the Umpire. Big Barrel Bat Rules (2⅝” or 2¾”) – 14U & Below. Men, Mixed & Women's Teams In 2023. Locally, a courtesy runner may also be used for an injured or ill player. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 2, 2023 USSSA Slowpitch Expands Into Europe Through New Partnership With 360 Softball USSSA-sanctioned leagues and tournaments are set …. The pitch must come out underhand, from below the pitcher's waist, and must have an arc to its trajectory. 9133 Email: w ashingtonusssa@gmail. There's something for everyone to …. PENALTY: The ball is dead, a “no pitch” is declared, and the runner is declared out. * The official 2023 USSSA Slow Pitch rules technically no longer allow for a pitching area, but you will still find non-USSSA and even some . The best and most competitive Slowpitch tournaments in the country! Oct 5-9. Does anyone have a link to the new rule book with the new effective changes? I googled it but it’s just showing the 2022 rule book. Instead of the required 26 to 34 inches bat length for fastpitch softball, slow-pitch requires only a 34-inch bat. The Whole Enchilada Heats Up Las Cruces. The Gobble Gobble Softball Tournament is a USSSA Fast Pitch event in McAllen, TX and will be held from 11/18/2023 to 11/19/2023. "Once it is a dead ball, it only becomes live again with the umpires declaration of "play ball. The official Senior Softball USA Rulebook (2023-24) contains the latest rules and regulations for senior softball players, managers, umpires and tournament directors. Yer Out! Here’s How to Tell if Your Softball Bat Is Illegal. USA Softball Certified Equipment January 01, 0001. The volunteer board of USA Softball of Wisconsin is dedicated and committed to the game of softball – both youth and adult; and for men and women. Stand up 2 Cancer KC Pink Out (6GG) 8U - 18U. No organized infield practice earlier the my. The Miken Psycho SuperMax is a dual-stamped slow pitch eligible for use in both USA/ASA and USSSA softball. USSSA bats, on the other hand, are intended to maximize performance and boost striking power. The “IF” needed game will take place at 12:00pm. Abe will oversee the state of Michigan and its area, league and tournament directors following the retirement of former State Director, Bob Wilkerson. 2022 and 2023 Softball Rules Changes Page No. The Linden Men’s Softball is a USSSA Slowpitch USSSA /GSL event in Linden, NJ and will be held from 05/15/2023 to 08/08/2023. You can search for any player that has been added to an online USSSA roster. The USSSA system allows teams to pick up players for an event if the following guidelines are met: The player is eligible to participate in the age/class of the event (not of the team picking the player up). USPFC SOFTBALL-SLOWPITCH ABRIDGED Page | 3 March 2023 Exceptions: Medal round games will be 75-minute clocks. The 2023 Conference USSSA season continues this coming Thursday, April 10th at 8 AM Eastern time with a 30 team double elimination tournament which will end with the championship game being played late Friday afternoon. 2 Slow Pitch Ball: The yellow optic cover, red stitch 11-inch ball with a Ball COR of. Rules – Louisiana Fastpitch – USSSA. No rosters or waivers will be accepted or taken at. Statistics and numbers can show patterns and consistency, but we know with slowpitch softball, ANYTHING is possible. 2023 Adult Slow Pitch Softball League Rules 3 must submit a completed roster, minimum of 12 players listed with completed waivers for those 12 players. New USSSA Bat Stamp 2020/2021 - UPDATED 11/25/19. 7 million participants in 13 major sports. But first the 23-year-old athlete will prepare for the World. The Battle of the Borders is a USSSA Slowpitch USSSA /GSL event in Valdosta, GA and will be held from 04/15/2023 to 04/16/2023. The inverse, however, is also true. Previously it had tolerated the use of 220 Stamped bats. Rules; Insurance; The Best Adult Slow-Pitch Program in Colorado The Best Adult Slow-Pitch Program in Colorado. 🍁2023 MMIW Torch and Black Sheep USA ASA Slowpitch Softball Bat ***SALE***. 2,059 likes · 8 talking about this. USSSA & NSA Bat Standards for Slow Pitch. The tournament included Men and Women’s C and D divisions, as …. Youth slow pitch starts pitchers at 40 feet for 10 and under, then slides back to 46 feet for 12 and under before reaching 50 feet for the upper-age levels. USA Softball of Wisconsin, a volunteer driven, not-for-profit organization based in Oklahoma City, OK, was founded in 1933 and has evolved into the strongest softball organization in the country. 3 Miken DC 41 Slowpitch Softball Bat; 1. 20 “Thumbprint” stamp for USSSA Slowpitch Softball bats will NOW be LEGAL for USSSA play Indefinitely (Previously until January 1, 2023). Run rules: 10 runs after 3 innings; 8 runs after 4 innings; 6 runs after 5 innings. 75" Loaded USSSA Slowpitch Softball Bat SP22BML. Minnesota USSSA Concussion Training: Concussion in Sports Course – nfhslearn. Official Oregon USSSA Fastpitch Umpire Uniform. The Snow Ball is a USSSA Slowpitch USSSA /GSL event in Kansas City, MO and will be held from 02/11/2023 to 02/11/2023. SoFlo Winterfest GSL (2023). Who gives a crap what the slowpitch rule is. Help with Guest Players – Louisiana Fastpitch – USSSA. The back edge of the box can be anywhere from 24 to 30 feet from home plate, but most often, it is 27 feet. We've asked players to provide feedback on the top slow pitch bats for USSSA, SSUSA, and ASA softball. Softball is a contact sport, played with Composite, Aluminum, Wood and other approved materials in design of approved bats. USSSA 3X Points GA State Championships. Shawnee/Lee's Summit/Basehor, KS. Easton Empire MVP Mid Load Senior Softball Slowpitch Bat. 2022 and 2023 Major Softball Rules Changes. 5 km from Hounslow West, 5 km from Boston Manor and 5. World Series at USSSA Space Coast Complex ‐ Viera, FL. or under, shall be used in the following USA Softball play. , page 72 Added player PRV guidelines for Men’s Class C and Women’s Class C teams and below. The Battle for Slow-Pitch Supremacy: How BAD BOYS (FL) Swept the Homestead Men's Bronze Tournament. The 2023 USSSA SLOW PITCH STATE TOURNAMENT is a USSSA Slowpitch USSSA /GSL event in MIDLAND, TX and will be …. USSSA 3 Base on Balls The Mercy Rule is 12 runs after 3 innings, 10 runs after 4 innings, or 8 runs after 5 innings. Latest News; 2023 Tournament Reports; 2022 Tournament Reports; Women's Weekly Update; 2023 Conference Information; Hit & Sit Show; This Week in Softball Show; Facebook page USSSA-Slowpitch; YouTube; Standings/Schedule. it increases the bat's strength and stiffness. The Aspire Softball is a USSSA Slowpitch USSSA /GSL event in Mike Lewis, TX and will be held from 04/29/2023 to 04/29/2023. Attend the on-field training session. USSSA Is Now an Official Sponsor of The Miracle League’s 2023 All-Star Weekend. View National Schedule; SENIOR NATIONAL COMMITTEE UPDATES. The SoFlo Winterfest GSL is a USSSA Slowpitch USSSA /GSL event in Ft lauderdale, FL and will be held from 02/18/2023 to 02/18/2023. Only the Classic 'M' ball will be used for all leagues. com A copy of the USPFCF Slow-pitch Softball rules and the General Sports Rules must be. For the All American program, call 321-877-0628. Shop the best slowpitch softball bats from DeMarini. The USSSA National All State Championship is a unique opportunity for talented softball players from across the country to showcase their skills and compete at the national level. The 2011 Whole Enchilada Softball Tournament in Las Cruces, N. Rule #1 All-Star teams can be of the following age divisons. Since each competitor must earn their berth into a USA Softball National Championship through a network of qualifying tournaments conducted throughout the season, the champion goes home as. 2024 USSSA Senior Challenge Cup – Senior Softball – USSSA. Rationale: Clarifies the difference between tape and other non-approved substances on the pitching hand or fingers versus the use of approved substances under the supervision …. Event Division (s) (Hover for Details) Event Name. 2023 UCE Battle of DFW / Exposure Weekend. About USSSA Challenge Cup; Men's. SLOW-PITCH SOFTBALL SLOW-PITCH SOFTBALL DATES TO REMEMBER. Western Wayne County USSSA Fast Pitch League. This was no ordinary weekend; it was a colossal display of athleticism, strategy, and the sheer love of the game. OK, OH, CO, AZ, MD, lots of other places missing. Slow-pitch softball also has different bat requirements. com to watch - also a full stream of the B World Series coming at 5 PM tonight. Same as USA Softball for Fast Pitch. After January 1, 2023, any bat with the 2012 USSSA stamp WILL NOT be legal for use in any USSSA tournament. The bat can be made from aluminum alloy, composite materials or wood. Learning Center: NCAA Eligibility January 01, 0001. The USSSA All American Games is a USSSA Baseball event in Viera, FL and will be held from 07/24/2023 to 07/30/2023. California Slowpitch – USSSA – Just another USSSA Network site. Miken Freak 9R Josh Riley 12" SuperMax USSSA 240 Slow Pitch Softball Bat (MJR21U) The Josh Riley signature model is hot enough to boil water. 2022-23 Rules Interpretations and Clarifications. For a list of approved BBCOR and USA bats. USSSA Challenge Cup – Mens D & E (2023). Web2023 Official Slow Pitch Rule Book and National By-laws Official Slow Pitch Softball Rules Adopted, Published and Distributed by USSSA LLC 5800 Stadium Parkway, Viera, FL 32940 Telephone 800-741-3014 Fax 321-877 …. Another difference in ASA and USSSA rules lies in the specification variations for slow pitch balls used by both bodies. The bat must meet the compression standards outlined by the certifying organization and may be tested to …. Follow the links below to learn more about USSSA’s comprehensive youth fastpitch softball program in Delaware, Maryland, central Pennsylvania, and western Pennsylvania. There are a few things to remember regarding the batter’s box dimensions in softball. Play begins the week of Sunday, February 26th. The slow-pitch softballs are available for purchase. As the above image shows, any slowpitch bat with the OLD stamp cannot be used in any USSSA tournament play starting on January 1st, 2023. USSSA, which was founded in 1968 in St. Games that are tied at the end of regulation will use the ITB rule until a winner is declared. The River Cities Sports Invitational NIT is a USSSA Baseball event in Omaha, NE and will be held from 04/27/2024 to 04/28/2024. 6U, 7U, 8U, 9U,10U, 11U, 12U, 13U, 14U, 15U, 16,U and 18U. The Amateur Softball Association (ASA) is a national organization in the. From ages 8-80, USA Softball offers fast pitch, slow pitch, modified pitch and 16-Inch slow pitch softball both recreationally and competitively. These premium slowpitch bats, including the DeMarini Nautalai, are USSSA certified. MN-USSSA Hall of Fame Golf Benefit July 27, 2023 softball@mnrpa. USSSA Adult Slow Pitch Softball Spring 2023 Men’s * Women’s * Church Leagues Game Rules Bremerton Parks and Recreation Game Rules will supersede all USSSA Sanctioned Rules. Currently Viewing: Seminole Softball Complex: …. Obituary for Eleanor Schmidt, Hoven, Mother of …. For 2023, ALL TEAMS MUST DO THEIR REGISTRATION ONLINE. 1 TABLE OF CONTENTS Item Page Foreword 1 Rule 1. “GSL Slow Pitch Softball” shall be a sports division of the Global Sports League and shall be governed by the Constitution of the Global Sports League By-Laws of GSL Slow Pitch Softball, the GSL Slow Pitch Softball Rule Book, Directives, and Policies as issued from the Association’s National Headquarters. Local rules supercede national, but this is what will be played at World tournaments. Little Demon Softball Classic 10u Sat – 12u Sun (2023). The USSSA was established 50 years ago for the sole purpose of promoting the play of Slow-Pitch Softball and providing opportunities in league and tournament play at local, state and the national. The Showdown at Diamond Lakes is a USSSA Slowpitch USSSA /GSL event in Augusta, GA and will be held from 04/29/2023 to …. Home team will be the official scorekeeper in all tournament games. Slo-Pitch is one of the disciplines administered by Softball Canada and represents a strong contingent of its membership. ARTICLE II - TEAM ELIGIBILITY Sec. Currently this page shows listings within one week of today. The Toys for Tots Northend is a USSSA Slowpitch USSSA /GSL event in Lynnwood, WA and will be held from 12/16/2023 to 12/17/2023. com/slowpitch/slowpitch-rules-and-legal-info 1. But, in the meantime, here are the best 2024 USSSA baseball bats. Mid Atlantic All State Games – East Coast Events. Sunday evening league will be 10 weeks of . The 2023 USSSA Winter National Invitational is a USSSA Slowpitch USSSA /GSL event in Mesa/Gilbert, AZ and will be held from 01/06/2023 to 01/08/2023. Rulebook; Guest Player Guidelines; Insurance; Slowpitch. USSSA Approved bat list will designate any bat legal for play in USSSA sanctioned events including ABA Leagues that permit composite bats. Team Registration for 2023 is now Open. 2023 Jim Beam bracket and team list link. Click Here to View and Enter World Series Events. Conference USSSA returned to Grand Park in Myrtle Beach for the annual “Battle at the Beach” Major. Slow-pitch softball, baseball, fast-pitch softball, and basketball players account for around 90% of USSSA membership. Louisiana Fastpitch – USSSA. 2023 MEN, MIXED & WOMEN'S SEASONS Rowlett USSSA Softball Offers 6 Seasons For. In an effort to speed up the game, Conference USSSA has implemented the following rules when warming up: 1. In 2023, USSSA is changing the rule and removing the "Pitching Area" from the rule book for lower levels. Watch and learn to ensure your bat is approved for play. The GSL West World Championship is a USSSA Slowpitch USSSA /GSL event in Las Vegas, NV and will be held from 10/19/2023 to 10/22/2023. The Sin City Major is a USSSA Slowpitch USSSA /GSL event in Las Vegas, Nevada and will be held from 03/31/2023 to 04/02/2023. Over the fence homeruns beyond the limit are outs. Congratulations, your team has qualified for World Series Play. The Military Worlds is a USSSA Slowpitch USSSA /GSL event in Augusta, GA and will be held from 09/27/2023 to 10/01/2023. 2023 ADULT SLOW PITCH SOFTBALL RULES. The Crown Town Classic is a USSSA Slowpitch USSSA /GSL event in Shawnee, KS and will be held from 06/30/2023 to 07/02/2023. Team may bat 9, 10, 11 or all players present (Roster Batting). has NOT adopted the USSSA Rule A; Section 3F "Flip Flop" Rule. This year’s tournament included over 200 teams, with five different brackets. In 2023 Tournament Reports, News. The game of softball can be a dangerous sport to participate in. The Golden State Major is a USSSA Slowpitch USSSA /GSL event in Palm Springs, California and will be held from 06/09/2023 to …. The USSSA sanctions, creates, and promotes a variety of sports including softball, baseball, and basketball. Rules; Insurance; Events; 2023 National All State; EVENT DETAILS 2023 National All State. Slowpitch UPDATED: VIERA, FL (October 30, 2019) — The current approved 1. The El Paso Strong Adult Softball Tournament is a USSSA Slowpitch USSSA /GSL event in El Paso, TX and will be held from 07/28/2023 …. Notes: The umpire makes the final decision on when a ball is "dead. Browse upcoming youth fastpitch tournaments in Iowa for players of all levels. gov, Parks and Recreation page,. Rule Change USSSA- Must toe the rubber. Pitchers are allowed 2 warm-up pitches in the 1st inning and 1 warm up pitch each subsequent inning not to exceed 1 minute. ASA Slowpitch Softball Bats of 2023. 2023 Girls 12U Fast Pitch Softball Rules for Peninsula Softball League 6. The USSSA/GSL Softball program will use the “double elimination” format in this World Tournament. Pitching Distance 35 ft (10U); 40 ft (12U); 43 ft (14U and above) USSSA 1. Only Sneakers or Turf Shoes are permitted for indoor softball. Hey, guys! Today I’m going to talk about the new bat rules in USSSA softball and NSA softball. Big Barrel Bat Rules (2⅝” or 2¾”) – 15U. Senior bats are not allowed in standard BLD softball leagues. MOST WANTED Clinches A ‘3Peat’ Victory: The Rings Tell the Tale of Their Unparalleled Dominance in the 2023 Boricua Open Championships. The infield fly rule is not in effect. 2023 Updated: April 6, 2023 No Comments 6 Mins Read. com For the latest news: usssatoday. MRPA / MN-USSSA Upcoming Tournaments: Fall State - September 30-October 1. 2022-23 Preseason Playing Rules Reminders Memo. NO ALCOHOL, ILLEGAL DRUGS, OR SMOKING (including e-cigarettes): Participant(s) violating any of the above items on the field or in the dugout, will be warned …. Usssa slow pitch 2023 rule book. 1996 - 2023 © All Rights Reserved. RULE NUMBER CHANGE Rule 3, Section 1A Exception Exception: Any bats bearing the USA Softball, USSSA, or WBSC Certification mark and passes our Fast Pitch Compression test to be used in the Slow Pitch Game. EA Ramsey College Scholarship Program. Facebook; Instagram; YouTube; Twitter # Name Position State Bat Manufacturer; 0: Austin Andrews: OF: Iowa: DeMarini: 01: Quinn Cannoy: OF: Iowa. THERE IS NO MORE REGISTERING AT THE FIELD. 2023 Women’s Major In a game that had lead changes, extra innings, diving catches, close calls, and too many clutch hits and home runs to mention. Who is the best by record and strength of teams played. 2023 Adult Summer Softball Season. NOTE: Effective January 1, 2023: Men’s Competitive and Women’s Competitive will be required to use the new NTS stamped bats with a compression of 240 lbs or greater during tournament play. No athlete achieves their dreams alone. (USSSA for slowpitch, USA for fastpitch). Rules; Insurance; Events; 2023 USSSA SLOW PITCH STATE TOURNAMENT; EVENT . The Monsta Blacklisted Torch 2023 lineup continuously claims to be the hottest ASA softball bat on the market. We organize, promote and manage highly competitive slow pitch softball tournaments and sponsor a Men’s slow pitch softball team that strives to …. Our program is committed to creating opportunities for play at all ages and ability levels, promoting the sports and exposing athletes and their achievements to …. Changes to the 2023 Edition USSSA/GSL Playing Rules 2023 RULE CHANGES RULE 8 BASERUNNER Sec 13, page 52 Clarifies when a courtesy runner designation becomes irrevocable RULE 12 MEN’S CLASS “B”, “C”, “D” and “E” PROGRAMS Sec 2, page 64 Modifies. If you have never played ISA, give us a try and you. No methodical inner practice before the matches. Easton Stealth 12" Mother Load Dual Stamp Slow Pitch Softball Bat: SPS12X $219. 5800 Stadium Pkwy Melbourne, FL 32940. For a listing of state, divisional or national directors. Rules – Minnesota Baseball – USSSA. 6 Best Slow Pitch Softball Bats For 2023. The Rules govern the playing of Fast Pitch and Modified Fast Pitch Softball. The tournament will be played at the Space Coast Stadium in Viera, Florida with its 325-365-385-365-325 field dimensions, they hit the Dudley Stadium ZN ball with unlimited home runs, and there will be two “play in” games Wednesday morning on. 2023 USSSA MENS E UTAH STATE Softball Tournament. Final 2023 Conference Computer Rankings! After USSSA Worlds. 2022 Las Vegas Major tournament report! – Conference USSSA. The 17th season of the nations greatest traveling slow-pitch softball league began with the 11th annual Las Vegas “Sin City” Classic. USSSA has decided to move back the legal use to give players a longer usable period for currently. On that listing there will be a link to find all tournaments for each director. NOTE: Area Directors may elect to impose stricter bat rules at 13U & 14U given it is noted on event website or game schedule 2023 National Rule Changes for Baseball (Effective 8/1/2022) 3. According to the Amateur Softball Association, or ASA, rule book the dropped third strike rule is: "When the catcher fails to catch the third strike before the ball touches the ground and there are fewer than two outs and first base is not occupied at the time of the pitch or any time there are two outs. As many of you know, in June 2017, we …. 2024 USA Softball of Ohio Youth Sanction Only Form $45; Blank Team Roster; Tournament Application Form & Report; 2023 Adult …. Any rule not covered here reverts to Conference USSSA Rules and all USSSA general playing rules apply. The USSSA UpState Softball Show is a USSSA Slowpitch USSSA /GSL event in Greenwood, SC and will be held from 06/03/2023 to 06/03/2023. The language is consistent with the rule covering interference on an initial play on a fair-batted ball and aligns with Rule 8-6-10. Missouri Fastpitch – USSSA. Welcome and thank you for playing Indiana USSSA Fastpitch during the 2023 season. Approved Softball Bat List - Aug. 2023 Home Of The Western Worlds. Bracket Play: Games will be 7 inning or time limit. The National rule will now be that all levels must be in contact with the Pitcher's Plate when the pitch is released. The growth and development of the association led the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) to name ASA the National Governing Body of …. Not a lot in baseball and fastpitch has yet been deemed illegal in since August of 2022. Slow Pitch Create And Register a Team Existing Teams and Members Login Here Youth Guardian Login Adult Player Rules / Legal Information. 2023 USSSA Winter Worlds (2023). Fast and Slow Pitch: 10' Long 8. 98,499 likes · 2,044 talking about this. For more information in regards to this event, please contact: ryan. Guest Players (also known as pick up players) are defined as players borrowed temporarily from another team. The bat features a composite and a premium graphite shaft. 2023 Jim Beam Classic tournament preview! – Conference USSSA. 5" Loaded Dual Stamp 240 Slow Pitch Softball Bat: SPSAL1LE $129. This model features a 2 1/4-inch barrel diameter, large 13" barrel,. Tools are available for each coach to track player stats. Ball – 44/375 compression allowed. Forgot username or password? If you need access please send an email to the IT Department. 2023 Kinetik USSSA Slowpitch Softball Bat (w/ LIFETIME REPLACEMENT) ***PRE-ORDER*** Regular price $279. With this softball field dimension guide, you will easily be able to identify each dimension of your league's softball field, from Little League all the way up to an MLB field, making the design, layout and construction process a breeze. COMBAT Revolt 13" Xtra Load Dual Stamp Slow Pitch Softball Bat: CR13X $159. Over the decades, the USSSA has expanded from a few thousand slow-pitch softball players to over 3. Most USSSA stamped bats intended for softball games and tournaments are going to have a BPF of 1. Enrollment and Site Request Form Due. The KY USSSA STATE is a USSSA Slowpitch USSSA /GSL event in Louisville, KY and will be held from 08/05/2023 to 08/05/2023. rule victory over Puerto Rico · Read More · USA Softball seeks applicants for . The Desert Classic Nationals is a USSSA Slowpitch USSSA /GSL event in Gilbert, AZ and will be held from 01/13/2023 to …. The ball remains “live” with all runners in jeopardy of being put out or advancing. Playing Rules LINE-UP: 10 or 11 or 12 (additional hitters) players. MERCY RULES • Major Plus only: 22 runs after four. Starting at 250 (or whatever) is dumb. The formula was designed in 1998 by one of USSSA/ISTS's top computer master minds. Beginning with the 2023 season, Men’s Competitive and Women’s Competitive will be required to use the new NTS stamped bats with a. The first is that the front edge of the box should be 43 feet from the home plate. One of the common problems with slow pitch softball is its altering compression. What makes USA Softball so unique is the variety of these events and the opportunities for people to stay involved in the game they love at many different levels. B, page 8 Eliminates references to the pitching area RULE 2 EQUIPMENT Sec 6, page 17 Eliminates references to the pitching area RULE 3 DEFINITIONS - PITCHING AREA, page 24 Deletes the definition. Mercy Rule – (10) after (4) innings, (8) after (5) innings. Big League Dreams will furnish one new 12” softball for all men’s games and one new 11” softball for all women’s league games. 20 BPF they have different compression …. The Appendices and Effects form part of the Rule(s) in which they are cited and have the same force and effect as the Rule itself. Those stats will show up on a players individual page. 2023 SOFTBALL EDITORIAL CHANGES 2-25-1e, 7-1-2 PENALTY 1, 7-4-1, 7-4-11, 8-1-1 EFFECTS 2, 8-4-3d. 4 Worth KRECHER Slowpitch Softball Bat; 1. Established Team Classification and Roster Guidelines. 6 weeks of doubleheaders, no playoffs or awards. Despite a single from Chosen/Thunder/Beloli/RF in the top of the seventh, the Stoop/Schmidt Roofing defense kept runners off the base paths, making three quick outs to close out the game and seal the 25-23 victory and claim the 2023 USA Softball Men’s Class B Slow Pitch National Championship title. There are numerous Slow Pitch Softball leagues, but your particular league will follow the rules of one of these major softball governing bodies: ASA - Amateur Softball Association (Homepage) Certified Slow Pitch Softball Equipment - ASA. As always this is just for fun and can be used as “bulletin board” material. Men's Standings; Women's Standings; Conference USSSA & World Schedules; Past Events; Statistics. Double Point Weekends (NIT, Qualifiers & Global Qualifiers) contact state director for details. Our 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed No Hassle Returns Policy on all Slow Pitch Bats allows you to shop our huge bat selection with confidence. 2023 for Men's and February 16th, 2024 for Coed. The standard men’s slow-pitch softball is 12 inches in diameter and also carries an ASA certification label. Attend classroom training sessions (February). The USSSA Greenwood UPSTATE SOFTBALL SHOW 4GG Bat Giveaway! March 11/12 CO …. com A copy of the USPFCF Slow-pitch Softball rules and the General …. playUSSSA; USSSAslowpitch; USSSAbaseball; USSSAfastpitch; Follow us for the latest updates of USSSA. Arkansas' Leading Fastpitch Tournament Provider. BSC SOFTBALL 2023 Official Slow Pitch Rule Book Official Slow Pitch Softball Rules Adopted, Published, and Distributed by BSC SOFTBALL INC. Team rosters and waivers will only be accepted at the Recreation Office or emailed to Joe Okaiye at Jokaiye@waterfordmi. USA Softball of Missouri is an affiliate of USA Softball, the National Governing Body of Softball in the United States and a United States Olympic Committee (USOC) voting member. 00 – Individual Player & Team Eligibility 2 Rule 4. The Table of Contents, where Rules are found, and the Index, a keyword and subject matter indicator to. Home Team: The second team listed on the schedule is the home team. 00 – Membership, Participation & Classifications of Play 1 Rule 3. The 2023 World Calendar is here! 🗓️ Save the Date! The 2023 World Calendar is here! 🗓️ Save the Date! The 2023 World Calendar is here! Log In. SE National Champ – MUSIC CITY USA – 9/11/13/16/18. Team manager may consult with the umpires; players, sponsors and other coaches are to keep out of discussions. The USSSA was established 50 years ago for the sole purpose of promoting the play of Slow-Pitch Softball and providing opportunities in league and tournament play at local, state and the national level. Sold Out! PREORDER: 2023 2-Piece Pure Pauer John Radich 13″ X19 USSSA Softball Bat. Men's Standings; Women's Standings; Conference USSSA & World Schedules; Past Events; …. All team rosters will lock on September 5 …. USA Softball annually conducts over 100 National Championships in each of its major disciplines of the sport — Fast Pitch, Slow Pitch and Modified Pitch. Only USSSA approved bats, USSSA approved weighted bats or USSSA approved bat weigh attachments, may be used by the on deck batter while loosening up on the field. Loaded with an excessive amount of power potential, the Worth Krecher checks all the boxes you’re looking for in a top softball bat. Recent Illegal Bat Announcements. Browse upcoming youth Slowpitch USSSA /GSL tournaments in Colorado. The USSSA rule book states that the ball must go up at least three feet from the point at which it leaves the pitcher's hand and can not go higher then 10 feet above the ground. One Time Lifetime Bat Replacement Plan. USSSA Slowpitch Expanding into Europe. Anyone that is not on a current USSSA roster simply can be added to your team roster to be eligible. Founded in the spring of 1968, USSSA provided amateur athletes with an avenue to play the sport they love and also laid the foundation for an organization that would grow. Best USA Softball Slow Pitch Bats For 2023. 240 bats only in tournament play. SOLD OUT: 2023 2-Piece 1K Mac Rio 12″ X19 USSSA Softball Bat. 2023 USSSA Slowpitch Softball Rule Book & By-Law. In the women’s Dual #1 which began Thursday evening and ended Friday evening in the White Quad at the Space Coast Complex Lady SNI pulled out an 8-7 win over Smash It/Derby Girls in the “if” game to win their first tournament of the year. 4-10 ft strike zone pumping allowed and all pitchers must wear mask or helmet / Seniors - No pumping / 6-12 with a Mat. Horrom was terminated on February 1, 2023. Sportsmanship; Time Between Innings; Jewelry and Electronic Communication. I don't care if USSSA drops the hammer on Juno and Suncoast. 2022 Softball Rules Survey Report. Welcome to Utah USSSA/GSL New website, This website hopefully well keep you all up on events and information about Slowpitch softball in Ut. The Del-Mar-Va Tri-State Games are now the Mid Atlantic All State Games. The digital version of the 2022 Official Rulebook has been posted under the …. DW’s 2023 Pre-Season Conference Rankings! Back by popular demand is DW’s 2023 Pre-Season Rankings. Half Dozen USSSA Classic M X-Rock 12″ Softballs. Browse upcoming youth Fast Pitch tournaments in Pennsylvania. USSSA, as a sanctioning body of athletic events, shares the concerns being raised on a national and local level regarding concussions and concussion symptoms in participants, coaches/managers and umpires/referees in USSSA sanctioned activities. Conference Uniform Policy – Conference USSSA. USSSA honors inductees into the National Hall of Fame. Major World Series powered by Dudley. 00 City Field Use Fee (2023 fee) (scholarships are available for those needing assistance contact softball@baaonline. View the roster history of any player. People ask all of the time. If game is tied or home team takes lead, the visiting team gets its at-bat. ANAHEIM, CA (November, 6 2019) - USSSA has updated their grandfather dates for the current 1. Fast, free shipping, and expert customer service. An Olympic hopeful and school teacher from Hounslow is one step closer to achieving her dreams after being selected for the Team GB squad. 2023 Digital Umpire Manual; 2023 USA Softball of Ohio National Umpire School; Current Umpire Exam; Current Umpire Blank Exam Answer Sheet; OHSAA Umpire Softball Class; Playing Rule Changes; Certified Bat List; Forms. All guardians should accept the online invite to join your team. We have researched hundreds of brands and picked the top brands of slow-pitch softballs, including Worth, Tebery, DUDLEY, MacGregor, CHAMPRO. 5 Changes to the 2023 Edition USSSA/GSL Playing Rules 2023 BY-LAW CHANGES ARTICLE III, TEAM CLASSIFICATIONS Sec 2. After March 31, 2021, every USSSA slowpitch bat that JustBats receives from manufacturers will have to bear the new USSSA stamp on it. The 2023 USSSA Winter Worlds is a USSSA Slowpitch USSSA /GSL event in Tupelo, MS and will be held from 03/04/2023 to 03/06/2023. The 2023 GHSA Slow Pitch State Championship presented by Mizuno is produced by ScoreAtlanta. 00 – State Championships 4 Rule 6. 20 USSSA stamped slowpitch softball bats will now be allowed in USSSA play until January, 1st. Brighton, CO; Andrew DeHerrera; $368; Event Details. Guest Players are only eligible to participate as a Guest Player for one team at a time. The bat standard will be the 240 Stamp only for all GSL/USSSA. Play the Best!!! Play California USSSA & GSL Slow Pitch Softball!!! We host adult Men's, Women's, Mixed, Senior slow pitch softball events in Northern California, Central California, & Southern California. 1 An infield fly is a fair fly (not including a line drive) which can be caught by an infielder with ordinary effort provided there are runners on first and second, or first, second and third with less than 2 outs. It takes a team to match their dedication, a team of family, friends, coaches, mentors – and you. Browse upcoming youth Slowpitch USSSA /GSL tournaments in California. The Official ASA Co-ed playing rules will be used except where changes are noted in these rules. This brings us directly to this list. The 2024 BSC SPONSORSHIP TOURNAMENT is a USSSA Slowpitch USSSA /GSL event in Chattanooga, TN and will be held from 11/11/2023 to 11/12/2023. Register your team with SoftballNation for the 2023 Season. Monsta Athletics has broken into slowpitch softball with some of the hottest bats currently on the market. 2023 Softball Rules will apply in any situation not covered herein. The men’s tournament started on Friday at 6 PM eastern time on 4 fields with 16 teams overall including 11 Conference teams and they hailed from 11 different states. With an explosive two-piece design and a new C4 Carbon Composite barrel, the Freak 9R is easily one of the best end loaded softball bats in 2023. 🍁2023 Fulcrum USSSA Slowpitch Softball Bat ***SALE*** Sold Out Sale View. World Series/National Champ Locations. The width of the batter’s box is typically about 3. California Slowpitch – USSSA – Just another USSSA Network site. The GSL West World Championship is a USSSA Slowpitch USSSA /GSL event in Las Vegas, NV and will be held from 10/12/2023 to …. Fayetteville Parks and Recreation offers adult slow pitch softball sanctioned through the United States Specialty Sports Association (USSSA) for 3 seasons (Spring, Summer, and Fall). The Labor Day Bash is a USSSA Slowpitch USSSA /GSL event in York, PA and will be held from 09/02/2023 to 09/03/2023. The 2023 USSSA Regional Meeting will be held on February 4/5 2023 at the DFW Airport Marriott South at DFW Airport, 4151 Centreport Drive, Ft. Most slowpitch players don't have endless budgets to be buying 10 bats a year. The NFHS is the national leader and advocate for high school athletics as well as fine and performing arts programs. Buy in monthly payments with Affirm on orders over $50. Obituary for Jeffrey Hamer, Father of Hope Stultz, Youth Fastpitch Board Member 2023-09-22. Home; About Us Rules & Guidelines; 2023 USSSA Senior Softball World Series; 2024 USSSA Senior Challenge Cup; Team Registration/Manager Login; Contact Us; Home; About Us; Events; Rules & Guidelines; 2023 USSSA Senior Softball World Series; 2024 USSSA Senior Challenge Cup;. The Conference Championships is a USSSA Slowpitch USSSA /GSL event in Indianapolis, Indiana and will be held from 09/15/2023 …. New Home Run Rules For Men’s USSSA : Major - 16 AA - 12 A - 10 B - 8 C - 5 D - 3, excessive is Inning Ending Out. Eligibility year will move to September 1. Players safety – screen optional. 2023 SOFTBALL POINTS OF EMPHASIS. Senior Bats can only be used in the Senior Division. 315 Bridge Street, Westampton, NJ, 08060. Approved Softball Bat List Memo. #1 The following rule changes for the 2023 season have been announced. Easily view & navigate to event venues. Learning Center: Coaching Softball January 01, 0001. The 2023 National All State is a USSSA Baseball event in DFW Metroplex, TX and will be held from 07/22/2023 to 07/27/2023. DeMarini Nautalai Red Bat USSSA Slowpitch Softball Bat WBD2342010. For insurance, call 888-880-3602. USA Softball changed all that by adopting softball’s first universally accepted rules of play and by organizing consistent and fair competition across the.